Thursday, June 4, 2009

Interesting activity for Stroke Survivors

Yes…there’s life after Stroke !!!

Here’s Great News for You ! …

I have recently discover a wonderful activity to occupy my past time which I think will be of benefits to you, too.

Like I mentioned in my earlier posting, I actually sold off my business, Regency Innovations Sdn.Bhd., (a Human Resources Consultancy and Training Provider) in January 2006, to take full time care of my husband KK Yap, who suffered a stroke attack in October 2005.

The good news is… KK has recovered, independent and can drive himself around now. meaning that I have lots of time at hand. Always the Busy Bee, I need to get busy and do something fruitful, instead of settling down as a couch potato, watching TV all the time.

So what’s the next best things to do? I chose self improvement activities, such as Qigong exercises for health and International Internet Marketing courses, workshop and seminars etc.( as online biz is the current ‘IN’ thing).

One of my internet biz ‘Si Fu’ is none other than the world famous super Affiliate Ewen Chia. His message to us newbies who want to be successful online… “Stay focus, do one thing at a time and the easiest way to start off is to be an affiliate for a reputable organization”

Stroke Survivors and fellow Carers… If you do not mind an additional income or really need one... just check it out ... it's FREE... at Website:

email to: tanjeanna

All the very best to You,


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